About Us

We are a small family business that has grown out of our appreciation of our horses. In 1998 we purchased a corn field and started to design and build our facility.  Since that time, our facility has grown.  We have amassed 10 horses (Hasty, Bold Crusade, Willie, Willow, Sandy, Moon, Nathan, Mickey, Herbie and Tee) and other species, such as a beef cow (Allison), 2 llamas (who have a wide variety of names), three goats (Ace, Brownie and Chocolate Milk, all previous 4-H meat goat projects), 14 chickens (which have not been named), 3 ducks (also not named), 4 cats (Kasmir, Hannah, Agnus and Tigger) and last, but not least 5 dogs (Merlin, Maddie, Rosa, Petey and Comit).  All of our animals have their "day" job and another, very important job.  In many areas of our state, the fire fighters, police, EMT's and CART's (County Animal Response Teams) have limited experience handling livestock.  Our animals have the important task of going out and training our emergency personnel about "normal" livestock behavior and handling techniques that can be used during emergencies.

We have 4 hitch horses whose day job is to work with us for our carriage service.  Our carriage horses, Darlingtons Nathan, Darlingtons Herbie, Darlingtons Mickey and Darlingtons Jacque,(aka Tee), are all registered Percherons from our dear friends, Bonnie and Jess Darlington of Darlington Farms, Centre Hall, PA.  The first horses we acquired were Nathan and Mickey.  Both horses came to our facility in December 2002.  Nathan was 6 months old and Mickey, who we affectionately refer to as Mickey Moose, was 1 year, 7 months old.  We trained both horses to ride and drive.  Then in April of 2007, we purchased Herbie and Tee.  Herbie was foaled in 1996.  Sadly, Herbie's mother had complications from the delivery and Herbie was orphaned.  The Darlingtons needed to bottle feed Herbie and he was hand raised.  Bonnie and Jess's son, Jesse Jr., started Herbie in driving.  Tee was foaled in 1998.  Even though Tee was older when we bought him and had not been trained to drive, he took to it like a preverbal duck to water.  Every year, our lead team travels with us to Beaver Run Arena in Punxsutawney where we train with Gene Brown.

During the off-season, we vacation with our horses on the beach.  They enjoy the camping and love to play in the ocean.  A picture of Nathan playing in the waves is on the "Contact Us" page.

In addition to providing carriage services, we train draft horses, "light" or riding horses and even donkeys to ride and drive. 


 Tee tee-2
Tee enjoying the afternoon


Restless Winds Farm
Centre Hall, Pa
email: rwfcarriage@gmail.com
Ph: (814) 364-9916